We’re sure you’ll have plenty of questions about getting your pride and joy repaired (we know we would!), so here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Can you really repair carbon fibre bikes?

Yes, we can! Carbon fibre is entirely repairable. Sometimes the repair becomes stronger than the original, undamaged, area.

Is it expensive to repair a carbon fibre bike?

The scale of the repairs dictate how expensive the job will be, but it’s often much more affordable to repair a bike than replace it.

How long does it take to repair a carbon fibre bike?

Repair times differ depending on the severity of the damage, but in general, the bike can be assessed, repaired, re-sprayed, and returned to the customer within 6 weeks.

Do I need to strip my bike down to have it repaired?

It’s not always necessary to strip the bike of its mechanical components prior to having it repaired, but it does help! If you’re not sure how to carry this out, one of our Cytech qualified mechanics can do this for you.

Can I have a carbon fibre wheel repaired?

Wheels are not always repairable due to the stresses and forces required to keep the wheel running true. However, depending on the level of damage to the wheel, a simple repair could be achieved.

I have a broken carbon fibre front fork. Can it be fixed?

Forks are designed to take a large amount of downward force and therefore a repair may not be the safest solution. A new replacement set of identical forks could also be more cost effective.

How do I get my bike to and from a repair workshop?

The safest way is for the bike to be delivered/collected from the workshop, or depending on distance, a collection & delivery service could be made available. Other options would be to use a reputable courier service.

Can I get my carbon bike resprayed?

Yes, carbon fibre can easily be re-sprayed following a repair, or even if the frame needs tidying up and brought back to a showroom condition, this can be arranged. Full custom artwork design is also available to give the bike a new lease of life.

Can I claim on insurance for a broken carbon bike?

This would depend on the type of insurance you have, but if you have bicycle specific insurance, then most repairs would be covered. Check your policy for details.

Can you guarantee a carbon fibre repair on a bicycle?

A lifetime owner’s guarantee will be in place for all repairs. A one-year guarantee for paintwork.

My carbon bike has snapped in half. Can it be fixed?

Not all repairs are possible. Our trained technicians will assess and evaluate each bicycle with ultra-sound testing equipment, and if a repair is not a viable option, we will inform the customer.

Where is my nearest carbon fibre bike repair workshop?

We are conveniently located in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, just a 10-minute drive from J11a of the M1.

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